Huge Fuel Price Increase to Take Effect Tomorrow

Huge Fuel Price Increase to Take Effect Tomorrow

Just when you thought that fuel prices have already gone through the roof, another huge increase is set to take effect tomorrow, March 15.

The price of gasoline will increase by Php 7.1 per liter while diesel will increase by as much as Php 13.15 per liter.

So far, only Caltex and Cleanfuel have made the announcement but expect other brands to follow immediately.

Just last week, the price of gasoline increased by Php 3.6 per liter while diesel  increased by Php 5.85 per liter.

Earlier today, Presidential aspirant Ping Lacson called for a temporary suspension of excise tax on fuel products. According to him,  it will provide the much-needed breathing space not just to motorists but also to all sectors. Gasoline and diesel without the excise tax are cheaper by Php 10 and Php 6 respectively.

In additon, we warned that food prices, as well as basic commodities, may increase if this issue gets out of hand.

“The upward trajectory of fuel prices is expected to continue and the government must do something now to mitigate the impact of international oil prices on motorists, the public transport sector, fisherfolk, and farmers who will bear the brunt of this burden if we do not act now,” Lacson said.

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