Manila City Declares 16 Roads as No-parking Zones

Manila City Declares 16 Roads as No-parking Zones

The City of Manila, through Executive Order Number 15 of 2022, has declared several roadways, avenues, and streets as no-parking zones. 

Manila City Declares 16 Roads as No-parking Zones

The EO aims to “ease foot and vehicle traffic” in the city and “provide safe pedestrian passage” to citizens. It was based on the findings of the Task Force Against Road Obstructions (TFARO), which identified priority roads, boulevards, streets, and alleys for clearing.

List of Manila roads that are now no-parking zones:

  1. Juan Luna – from Recto to Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz
  2. Soler – from Recto to Reina Regente
  3. Blumentritt – from Rizal Avenue to A. Bonifacio
  4. Plaza Miranda Vicinity
  5. Raon – from Quezon Blvd. to Rizal Avenue
  6. C. Palanca – from Ayala to Plaza Lacson
  7. Carriedo – from Rizal Avenue to Quiapo Church
  8. U.N. Avenue – from Roxas Blvd. to Taft Avenue
  9. Padre Faura – from Roxas Blvd. to Taft Avenue
  10. Pedro Gil – from Roxas Blvd. to Quirino Avenue
  11. Paz – from Apacible to Pedro Gil
  12. A. Limao – from Quirino to Apacible
  13. Taft Avenue – from Vito Cruz to Lawton
  14. T. Alonzo – from Recto to Ongpin
  15. Zobel Roxas – from Osmena Highway to Pasig Line
  16. Onyx – from A. Francisco to Zobel

Mandatory Parking Space

Earlier this week, Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco filed a bill making parking space a requirement in motor vehicle registration for metropolitan areas. According to Allan Jay Velasco, “car owners who park on public thoroughfares worsen street congestion.”

If passed into law, every vehicle buyer in metropolitan areas would need to have a parking space as a requirement for their motor vehicle registration with the Land Transportation Office. LTO will verify if the condition was actually met, otherwise buyers will not be given a motor vehicle registration.

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