Netflix to Charge Additional Users Starting Next Year

Netflix to Charge Additional Users Starting Next Year

Looks like there will be a number of changes that will happen to Netflix in the coming months: aside from having a new Basic with Ads plan, Netflix will start charging additional users by early next year. This was announced during their quarterly earnings call this week, in a bid to crack down on accounts that are used by different homes and with more users than what their plan offers.

The move to charge additional users is essentially an expansion of its “Add a Home” pilot program that was initially available in Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. This time around, Netflix will charge additional users who are on your “Who’s Watching?” screen AND don’t live with you.

Netflix has yet to reveal the price of having additional users, but the pricing may be similar to “Add a Home”, which translates to around $2.99/month(~Php 180). Should you want to avoid this, Netflix announced a profile transfer option that will let a user’s subaccount data (viewing history, recommendations, among other things) to be transferred to a new and independent subscription.

With all these moves, Netflix hopes not just to expand its shrinking subscriber base, but also to monetize account sharing as well. We don’t know how consumers will respond to this, so it remains to be seen if these new additional charges will stay for good once they go official.

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