Nokia Beats OPPO And OnePlus In Court, Gets Them Banned In Germany

Nokia Beats OPPO And OnePlus In Court, Gets Them Banned In Germany

It wasn’t too long ago that Nokia was considered a fallen giant – some could even say the firm still is one now. However, a big win for the team came in the form of a court dispute victory over OPPO and OnePlus in Germany. The end result was these brands getting temporarily banned from any form of sales within those territories. What exactly happened?

To specify, the content of the lawsuit filed against OnePlus and OPPO in Germany was that of a patent in nature. This was over Nokia’s Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). Basically, SEPs are patented standards created by a Standard Setting Organization (SSO), which should lawfully also receive royalties in the situations wherein their SEPs are used. Nokia and OPPO (and OnePlus) had a partnership that lasted from 2018 to 2021 granting them permissions, but these expired when the collaboration ended.

The latter companies attempted to file countersuits but were slapped with 9 cases of SEP violations over 4G/5G radio technologies. As such, a cease-and-desist order was filed which effectively prevents the sale of these brands over there. In order to reassure their customer base, OPPO has reportedly released a statement mentioning that operations and services on current devices within the country will still be available.

This is unfortunate news that is simultaneously occurring with OPPO’s case of $550m of tax evasion in India. The Nikkei Asia report mentions that these were brought to light alongside Vivo’s alleged corruption and tax evasion. These brands currently occupy around 60% of the Indian smartphone market, which means that a huge portion of the economy could be currently undertaxed.

With all these cases under their belt, we’ll have to wait and see how these companies deal with them.


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