5 Online Payment Apps You Can Use During the Metro Manila Community Quarantine

5 Online Payment Apps You Can Use During the Metro Manila Community Quarantine

Do all your transactions using your smartphone!

With Metro Manila placed under “community quarantine” due to the COVID-19 scare, traveling inside and outside Metro Manila will be restricted in order to stop the spread of the virus. Part of the government’s preventive measures includes encouraging businesses and schools to adopt a work/study from home policy.

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As much as we should avoid going out and try to do our work at home, the bills are not going anywhere. Thankfully, there are online payment apps that can help us settle our bills on time despite the community quarantine. Here are some of the top online payment apps and where you can best use them:

For taxes: PayMaya

Tax season is just around the corner, with the first two weeks of April being the busiest period for taxpayers and BIR personnel. While BIR has yet issued any advisory on new deadlines for annual income tax returns, you can still pay your taxes through PayMaya. Regardless of the type of tax you are paying for, PayMaya lets you settle your tax dues within the app. There’s a Php 20 convenience fee when using this mode of payment, but it is your best choice so far if you want to avoid going out for the meantime.

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For interbank transfers: GCash

GCash is important for your cashless life if you need to transfer money from one bank to another. Through the app, you can transfer money from one bank to another (maximum of Php 50,000) free of charge. This saves you from going out of the house and visiting one bank to another just to transfer funds.

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For food and deliveries: GrabPay

Beyond Grab and GrabFood services, the platform also has its own online payment service as well. By loading your GrabPay wallet, you can conveniently pay for your food orders and deliveries without using your credit card.

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For commuting: Coins.ph

As much as work from home is encouraged, some companies need their employees to physically report for work due to the nature of their job. Those taking MRT, LRT, and P2P buses use Beep cards for cash-free convenience. While there are different ways to top up your Beep card Coins.ph is the best possible option during community quarantines. Through the app, you can load your Beep card anytime and anywhere while maintaining social distance.

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For shopping: Lazada Wallet

Paying items you purchased in Lazada via COD is out of the question, so you might want to consider using Lazada Wallet as an alternative. Using Lazada has perks that include faster checkout of items and easier retrieval of refunds. It is also where the eCommerce platform sends discount vouchers, so you can save additional cash when purchasing items off at Lazada.

[Android || iOS]

For all five online payment apps, cashing in is pretty easy: if you do not have a bank account, you can opt to cash-in using payment partners like 7-11 to make sure your digital wallets have enough cash for your essential transactions. Beyond their standout payment features, all five online payment apps (and banking apps like BPI, BDO, and China Bank) can be used to pay for utilities like water, electricity, and PLDT Home FIBR , so you would not worry about missing off important due dates in spite of the community quarantine.

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