Smart Partners With BTS To Release Limited TinyTAN Merch

Smart Partners With BTS To Release Limited TinyTAN Merch

The K-Pop craze has gone global. It is undeniable that pop culture nowadays is largely affected by these stars we now consider icons, even as they delve into various fields outside of music and dance. Companies around the world understand this influence – which is why Smart has partnered with BTS to launch a new line of TinyTAN merch for the most avid fans. These are animated characters designed in the likeness of their real-life counterparts. Some could possibly see this as the most cost-effective way to support their boys, save for the BTS meal that caused monumental lines at Mcdonald’s branches some time ago.

To give a brief history lesson, these animated characters were first launched in 2019 under the name TinyTAN, which is a play on words using BTS as a base. Despite the resemblances to real personalities, each avatar still has a unique storyline within the universe.

The first piece of merchandise in this Smart collaboration with TinyTAN is the official Smart SIM TinyTAN edition. Each pack includes a 5G-ready SIM, which should propel users to consistently quick speeds according to an Ookla report. More importantly, this pack includes a character card in each one, with a total of eight collectibles. What remains uncertain is whether or not users will know which character might be inside the pack. For the most obsessive of fans, they may end up purchasing a mountain of SIM cards just to gather all eight in one place. That’s even more determination than Thanos with the Infinity Stones.

Each of these SIM cards comes bundled with 11GB of open-access mobile data as well as calls & texts to other networks. Packs will only cost PHP 45 each.

Smart users can also access the network’s vast array of services through the Smart Load Card TinyTAN collectibles, available in denominations of PHP 100, 300, and 500.

“In the same way that we enable fans to connect with their favorite idols through mobile technology, we always go the extra mile in empowering our subscribers to live more and make the most of their passions,” said Francis E. Flores, SVP and Head of Consumer Business Group– Individual at Smart.

“Our special collaboration with TinyTAN is in line with our efforts to go beyond providing our subscribers with world-class connectivity but also delighting them with special lifestyle experiences and rewards,” he added.

Interested? Purchase the cards on the Smart official store website, or follow their official social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok using the official hashtag #SmartTinyTAN.


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