5 Games You Should Get During the Steam Autumn Sale

5 Games You Should Get During the Steam Autumn Sale

Stop Taking Our Money, Lord Gaben!

It’s that time of year again! The time where Lord Gaben unlocks the doors to a treasure trove of games with admission drastically cut from its usual price tag. Yes, friends! The Steam Sale is upon once again. While, at this point of the game (pardon the pun), we already have a schedule for when it’s time for gamers to guard their wallets, there are a couple of games we feel that it’s worth pulling the trigger on.

Without further ado, here are 5 Games You Should Get During the Steam Autumn Sale

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Released in October, Shadow of War is the follow up to the highly successful Shadow of Mordor and continues along with the previous game. The open-world action and fun combat system are back, but it’s the improved Nemesis system and Fortress Sieges that really makes the game interesting and unique for each of its players.  If you’re a fan of the world that Tolkien created or just a fan of high fantasy, Shadow of War is definitely worth picking; especially since you’re getting it at 40% off the usual price at Php 731.97.

Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition

A pattern may be emerging here with open-world games, but Bethesda has been known for putting out some awesome RPGs; having players run amock in the worlds they have created. If you’ve never played one of Bethesda’s open-world RPGs, the main appeal is being able to build your character however you like. I, for one, like sneaking up on foes to dispatch them in one blow. If you want to go all guns blazing you can build a character with lots of firearms knowledge and be a post-apocalyptic John Rambo.

Fallout 4 is available for Php 1,380, down 50% from Pp 2,760.


Sadly, Runic Games, the studio responsible for bringing us the Diablo-alternative, Torchlight, has shut down. One of their last games was Hob, an action-adventure with great visuals and a plot that unfolds as you explore and interact with the world. I personally haven’t played this game yet, but it has been on my radar for quite awhile and the game has gotten some pretty solid reviews. It’s less than Php 500 if it wasn’t on sale, but you can pick it up for Php 374.96.

Dark Souls III

If you want a game with punishing combat or something more mindful than just hacking and slashing away, then the Dark Souls series should have been on your radar for quite some time now. It can be a bit frustrating to see “You Died” as you learn the ropes, but that only makes each victory mean more as well. If you think you might throw a fit and possibly wreck your setup at home as you rage, maybe steer clear of this one. You can get the base version of Dark Souls III at 60% off at Php 840 or the Deluxe Edition for 50% off at Php 1,750.

Stardew Valley

Another game that I’ve been meaning to try is Stardew Valley, which has been described as a game similar to Harvest Moon. It’s a sort of farming simulator where you inherit your grandfather’s land and try to make a new life for yourself in, well, Stardew Valley. This is a long way from all the exciting action and adventure to be had in the games we mentioned above, but if you want a nice relaxing game to come home to after a stressful day at work then there’s certainly some appeal to this title. The discount for Stardew Valley isn’t that huge, but the 33% sale price brings it down to just Php 281.36; nothing that’ll hurt the pocket too much.

This is, of course, our top list for the games that you might be interested in getting during the Steam Fall Sale. If you have any titles to add, please leave them in the comment section below so that your fellow readers can check them out as well. We’re also kind of bummed that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground hasn’t received a price cut, but that game is definitely something you should check out as it provides an accelerating rush and is a quick game to jump into if you want a quick break from all your responsibilities.

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