The Calling: Phuket – Sand, Sea, and Swiss Rounds of FaB TCG!

The Calling: Phuket – Sand, Sea, and Swiss Rounds of FaB TCG!

The Calling: Phuket was announced earlier this week and will be the first Calling tournament held in Southeast Asia for Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game’s 2024 competitive year. It’s scheduled on April 5-7, 2024, and will be played in the Classic Constructed format. The event will be held at Four Points by Sheraton, located at the Patong Beach Resort in the beautiful seaside city of Phuket, Thailand. Legend Story Studios (LSS), the company behind FaB TCG, promised complimentary lunch will be served and coffee will be free-flowing all weekend – so whether players are attending for (card game) business or pleasure, this event is shaping up to be the FaB community’s much-awaited beach episode!

The Calling: Phuket

Just like the National Championships, a Calling is one of FaB TCG’s Tier 3 events – just a step below the prestigious Pro Tour and World Championship, but definitely a bigger occasion than a Battle Hardened. The event is open entry – meaning that you don’t need any qualifications to join. While a few Calling tournaments are played in the Sealed format, the majority of them use the Classic Constructed format instead.

The Calling: Phuket
Players from around the world competed at the Calling: Taipei last year. Photo by Legend Story Studios

The Calling has a much bigger prize pool of $10,000 that’s spread across the Top 8 in addition to more prestigious prizes. The most notable of these is the season-exclusive Gold Foil Legendary card that can only be acquired by the winner – these often receive offers from collectors amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, and most of them only go up in value over time.

And if you didn’t make the cut to Day 2? Don’t worry! There’s a Battle-Hardened just the next day that’s still awarding thousands of dollars in addition to other exclusive prizes, including the ever-coveted Professional Tournament Invitation (PTI).

If you’re not too interested in the pressures of competing and simply want to play a relaxing game of cards, the Calling has plenty of casual side events to keep you busy throughout the three days. Multiple Classic Constructed, Blitz, Commoner, and Sealed mini-tournaments are run throughout the day alongside the main event. The great thing about these mini-events is that they grant ticket prizes to all participants, which can be used to purchase prizes from the Prize Wall booth! The Prize Wall contains a lot of event-exclusive stuff – from Alpha edition (which is the first print run of FaB) packs,  oversized cards, valuable Cold Foil Tokens, and even booster boxes!

The Calling: Phuket
Can you name the characters or cards that they’re cosplaying? Photo by Legend Story Studios

And for those of you who are more into crafting and modeling (or both), the Cosplay Contest has always been a highlight of the Calling and rewards the best cosplayers with exclusive promo cards, among other prizes. Contestants for this event have gotten more creative over the years as they portray either their favorite characters, cards, and even popular FaB personalities!

Have your cards signed and be the envy of your Armory! Photo by Legend Story Studios

Finally, if you’re just here to shop around – there’s no shortage of options as both local and international stores set up shop at the venue, while the renowned artists of your favorite cards showcase their art alongside exclusive, signed merchandise. Holiday or no, there’s sure to be plenty of buying, selling, and trading all weekend!

At the time of this writing, LSS is having a raffle where the winner gets FOUR nights of accommodation in Phuket! Joining is simple – just buy a Fabled, Marvel, or Go Again package for Calling: Phuket before January 21, 2024, 5 pm NZST (that’s January 21, 2024, 12 pm in Philippine Time). The winner will be announced this coming Sunday during the Calling: Queenstown livestream.

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