Converge Hotel Management Solution Aim to Empower MSMEs

Converge Hotel Management Solution Aim to Empower MSMEs

Converge looks to expand its reach to MSMEs working in the tourism and hospitality sector in the Philippines with its cloud-based hotel management solution that aims to digitize MSME hotels and resorts.  For this initiative, Converge is partnering with Filipino-owned tech firm Comise Solutions to help equip MSMEs with the same tech capabilities as large hotel chains.

“The Converge Workplace Hotel Management Solution gives more control and visibility of small hotels over their operations. With this solution, small hotels and resorts now have the ability on their website to accept direct bookings and payments. For this to happen it means you automate the operations of the hotel,” Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus Romero said.

Apart from allowing hotels and resort owners to have their own booking system, they can also manage room inventory, and manage the different departments of the hotel – from housekeeping and front desk to maintenance. One of the advantages of having a dedicated booking platform is it removes commission fees paid to hotel booking aggregators. In addition to that, Converge’s hotel management solution does away with the need for an IT department or to install expensive hardware. All they need is a strong broadband connection, which Converge can provide to the MSME. 

“More than the quality broadband connection, Converge is all about finding technology solutions to the needs of our business customers. We aim to expand our portfolio of value-added products for the benefit of our business clients and help them succeed in their respective industries,” Romero adds.

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