ROG Phone 8 Teased With Huge Camera Bump

ROG Phone 8 Teased With Huge Camera Bump

For the past 5 years since the first ROG Phone, ASUS has unveiled its gaming phone around June or July. There are times when ASUS decides to unveil it earlier than expected–which was the case for the ROG Phone 7–and ASUS is ending 2023 by teasing the ROG Phone 8 this early.

The teaser image reveals a possible new design for the ROG Phone 8. Among those that stand out is that camera bump, which appears to be larger than those found from the ROG Phone 5 to the ROG Phone 7. With the post stating “beyond gaming”, maybe ASUS wants to highlight the cameras of the ROG Phone 8–which was not really a priority for its predecessors despite recent models getting a decent IMX766 sensor for the main camera.

Those who tried to enhance the image further confirm that the ROG Phone 8’s camera module is indeed large–and we wonder how ASUS will address the phone’s ergonomics, especially with the majority of AAA mobile games played in landscape orientation. Speaking of landscape orientation, the enhanced image also reveals flat sides for the aluminum frame, along with a USB-C port that’s placed in a landscape orientation.

From what we know so far, a Geekbench listing reveals that the top-end ASUS ROG Phone 8 will get a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and 24GB RAM. In a 3C certification listing, the ROG Phone 8 will use the same 65w charging solution used by its predecessors–which is the sweet spot when it comes to fast charging.

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