LG Confirms V30 Arriving In PH By December

Those plans may change though

We’ve been waiting for LG to finally release their flagship phablet, the V30 in the Philippines for quite some time now. The new phone captivated us when we first set eyes on it during IFA, unfortunately LG has not announced anything official about the release of their new flagship in the Philippines, until now.

LG Mobile Philippines has confirmed to us in a message that the release date for the V30 is tentatively set for December. Other than that, the people behind the page has not revealed exactly when in December the phone will arrive.

LG V30 Quick Review: The Note Better Watch Out

The V30 is LG’s newest phablet, aimed at satisfying people who crave mobile videography. It’s armed with dual rear cameras, along with several video shooting modes and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. In the US it’s priced at around $840 or around Php 42.8K. No local pricing has been announced.

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