Local Brand to Release Powerful, Water Resistant Phone

Local Brand to Release Powerful, Water Resistant Phone

local_brand_water_resistant phone

Who is this local brand that is coming up with a water resistant phone?

One of our very reliable sources have sent two photos of an upcoming smartphone from a local brand. One is a photo of the phone’s AnTuTu score (which is probably the highest we’ve ever seen before in a local phone) and the other is a photo of the phone chilling in a pool of water, oblivious to the gadget destroying element around it.


According to our tipster, this phone will not use a MediaTek processor, so it’s definitely not a octa-core smartphone. If we were to guess, only one other smartphone processor could theoretically deliver that AnTuTu score – and that’s Qualcomm’s chips. Aside from the two photos, our source did not specify just how big the device may be, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was around 5-inches or so.

We’ll post more updates about the mysterious phone once we get more details.


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