New Phone Not Necessary: OneUI 4.1.1 Rolling Out to Galaxy Z Flip3, Fold3, and More

New Phone Not Necessary: OneUI 4.1.1 Rolling Out to Galaxy Z Flip3, Fold3, and More

If you are one of those Galaxy Z Flip3 users who are still thinking twice on upgrading to the Flip4, Samsung is now rolling out OneUI 4.1.1 on the brand’s previous generation foldables that include the Z Fold3, Z Fold2, and the original Z Flip and Z Fold.

The OneUI 4.1.1 update is around 1.5GB big and basically updates your Galaxy Z Flip3 to function like a Galaxy Z Flip4. Aside from a bigger battery and faster processor, it’s hard to distinguish between the two phones.

One of the key Galaxy Z Flip4 features that will be ported over to the Flip3 is the expanded functionality of the Cover Screen, where you can do more with it–ranging from toggling various settings, doing quick replies, to taking selfies without being limited to one aspect ratio. The latter is a very welcome upgrade, as the Galaxy Z Flip3 previously limited you to a square aspect ratio when taking photos using the cover screen).

For Galaxy Z Fold3 users, OneUI 4.1.1 improves on multitasking, bringing over the taskbar of the Galaxy Z Fold4 to its predecessor. This makes working on multiple windows easier as well, as the update gives you a new two-finger gesture that lets you switch between full and split screens.

We recently got the update notification on our Z Flip3, so expect all Galaxy Foldables purchased in the Philippines to receive the update soon.

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