OPPO to Offer Free Battery Replacement with the A2 Pro

OPPO to Offer Free Battery Replacement with the A2 Pro

With people being less frequent on upgrading their phones based on our Facebook post, phone brands are finding ways to prolong the life of their offerings. Some are expanding their software updates to as much as 5 years of updates, while some offer extended warranties and one-time screen replacement within the first 6 months. OPPO is working on an even better warranty for the A2 Pro, as they will offer a free one-time battery replacement within 4 years.


The interesting free battery replacement program that OPPO intends to implement to the A2 Pro will only apply if its battery health drops to below 80% within four years. That’s a very confident guarantee from OPPO, who has been working on prolonging the life of its batteries with its Battery Health Engine, where it claims that its algorithm will keep the battery at 80% of its capacity after 1600 cycles.

Going to the specs, the A2 Pro is a mid-range device that comes with a Dimensity 7050 processor that’s paired with up to 12GB RAM and up to 512GB internal storage. It will have a 6.7-inch 120hz curved AMOLED display like other OPPO devices, while its main camera will be a 64-megapixel shooter. Its battery will reportedly be 5000mAh and will support 67w charging.

The A2 Pro will launch in China on September 15, and if the reports are true, we hope that OPPO will have the same battery replacement warranty for its future devices.

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