TECNO Makes Fun of Samsung in Latest Phantom X Promo

TECNO Makes Fun of Samsung in Latest Phantom X Promo

TECNO, a smartphone company known for its affordable devices, is picking up a fight against Samsung—the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world right now. Although there are cases like that of David and Goliath, the saying is that you should not bite off more than you can chew. So, can TECNO hold its ground?

TECNO Samsung Phantom X

There’s no doubt TECNO is doing great globally, especially with its mid-range smartphones that are gaining popularity. TECNO even introduced revolutionary technologies such as the 160W fast-charging. Perhaps, all these achievements made TECNO so confident that they abruptly mocked Samsung.

This tactic is nothing new in the smartphone industry. In fact, Samsung itself is well known for mocking other smartphone brands from time to time. This case is just unique as, again, TECNO is not a big competitor for Samsung. TECNO on its official Twitter account asked its followers to “try something new” and not to “repeat the Samesong.”

Obviously, it was just a move to promote the TECNO Phantom X, although it is clearly aimed at Samsung. A move that seems unnecessary and something too much for Tecno, as there are many other possible options in the low-cost segment. Nevertheless, TECNO has also delivered its message well: the Phantom X has a brand-new design.

Furthermore, TECNO may not be barking up the wrong tree all along. In fact, it could be a brilliant move from the company. Now, they are getting a wider audience and a whole lot of attention. Their name is even being mentioned alongside smartphone giant Samsung. As the saying goes, “bad publicity is still publicity.”

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