Sony Announces New Action Cams with Optical Image Stabilization

Sony Announces New Action Cams with Optical Image Stabilization


Sony has just announced new Action Camera variants with the much-needed optical image stabilization (OIS) technology that counters that shaky video capturing. Rival to GoPro’s popular action cams, Sony’s new Action Cam series with OIS comes in two variants: the 4K-resolution X3000R model and the Full-HD AS300R model.

Priced at $400 (~Php 19K), the X3000R has the usual hallmarks of Sony’s Action Cams, such as electronic (or digital) image stabilization and wind noise reduction, along with new features such as optical image stabilization, face detection, automatic highlight generator mode, and a refreshed user interface. The $300 (~Php 14.2K) AS300R variant mostly has the same specifications as well, except that it’s only Full-HD capable.

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What’s the difference between electronic (digital) image stabilization (EIS) and optical image stabilization (OIS)? Here’s The Verge on the technicals.

Sony’s Action Cams have had digital stabilization for years now, so it’s great to see that the company finally found a way to build optical or mechanical, image stabilization into this model. Digital stabilization is software-based — it smooths out footage by cropping in on the image and using the excess space to adjust for vibrations, so the results are not always good.

Mechanical stabilization involves physically moving some of the lens elements and the image sensor, which can produce better results without losing as much of the image to cropping. With almost every action camera capable of shooting 4K, image stabilization feels like it will be the next defining feature for action cameras.

Sony’s also packing a new lens for these new Action Cams, an upgraded version of Sony’s Exmor R CMOS image sensor with back-lighting. Both cameras have a certain degree of waterproofing, but will still require separate, already included, underwater housing.


The X300R Action Cam and the AS300R Action Cam can be bundled with Sony’s new “live view” remote that will add $150 (~Php 7.1K) more to the retail price. Both cameras will be available later this September.

Source: The Verge

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