The P20 Pro’s Third Camera Can Apparently Do 3X Zoom

The P20 Pro’s Third Camera Can Apparently Do 3X Zoom

As confirmed by their own teaser video

The March 27 date for the reveal of Huawei’s P20 family is nearing, and the company is wasting no time hyping the heck out of their upcoming phones. Two new promo videos show off the camera prowess of the top-of-the-line model, which is expected to be the P20 Pro.

The first video, titled See Closer is an obvious hint at the 3x optical zoom feature of the upcoming flagship. A closeup of the rear of the phone shows the 27-80mm equivalent lens, which roughly translates to 3x optical zoom. If this is the case, then Huawei’s upcoming flagship will have the best zoom lens on a smartphone in the market as 2x optical zoom is the standard for phones of its rivals currently.

The second video is titled See Brighter, which may refer to better low-light performance or high-quality selfies, though our bet is it’s likely both. Samsung currently holds the record for the lowest aperture lens available on a smartphone in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Huawei is set to announce the new family of devices come March 27.

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