The ROG Ally has Php 40k Starting Price in the Philippines

The ROG Ally has Php 40k Starting Price in the Philippines

The wait for the official price and availability of the ROG Ally in the Philippines is finally over, as ASUS confirmed that its gaming handheld will have a starting price of under Php 40k–effectively matching the pricing in the US. That makes the ROG Ally competitively priced against rivals like the Steam Deck–especially since you get 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, 512GB PCIe 4.0 SSD, and a powerful Ryzen Z1 series processor inside.

Aside from powerful internals, the other edge of the ROG Ally is its display, where you get a fast 120hz IPS panel with a Full HD+ resolution. It comes with Windows 11 out of the box, allowing you to use different game platforms on the ROG Ally, on top of being usable as a computer. Speaking of the latter, you can supercharge the ROG Ally by using an XG Mobile dock to connect peripherals like a keyboard and mouse–along with getting an extra boost with the external GPU to have a solid gaming experience at home with your TV.

ROG Ally Price Philippines

The ROG Ally is priced at Php 39,995 for the Ryzen Z1 variant and Php 43,995 for the Ryzen Z1 Extreme variant. The Z1 Extreme variant is available this month, while the more affordable Ryzen Z1 will be available starting in August. Both variants come with a 65w travel charger and an ROG Ally stand. The first 100 buyers of the ROG Ally will get a bundle that consists of a charger dock and a travel case.

If that’s not enough, ASUS has an exclusive deal with Shopee, where the first 40 orders for the ROG Ally will get a ROG Cetra TWS and a Kingston Canvas 256GB MicroSD card with their purchase.

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