Top 5 Killer Features of the Infinix ZERO Ultra

Top 5 Killer Features of the Infinix ZERO Ultra

While Infinix is known more for budget phones, the brand proved that it can produce premium offerings through its ZERO line. We were already impressed at their efforts for the ZERO 5G, and Infinix simply went over the top with the ZERO ULTRA. Infinix’s most premium device is a true disruptor for its price AND all the features and innovations it has to offer.

We have reviewed the ZERO ULTRA thoroughly, and we really think it is the mid-range phone to beat in 2022. What are its killer features? We round them up here:

That INSANE 180w charging speed.

Despite being just a mid-range phone with a relatively ordinary 4500mAh battery, the ZERO Ultra wowed everyone with its 180w ThunderCharge wired charging, which is the fastest we’ve seen in the mid-range segment. Infinix claims that it can top up the battery in 12 minutes, and our own tests got us from 14% to 100% in 11 minutes, confirming their claims.

Before you get worried about wearing out the battery with such charging speeds, Infinix incorporated several safety features like a dual cell 8C battery system and a Furious mode toggle option for when you want to go all-in with the maximum 180w charging speeds, or charge fast but at a more conservative pace.

120hz Curved AMOLED on a mid-range phone.

While we are already seeing mid-range phones using those AMOLED panels with rich colors and refresh rates as fast as up to 120hz, Infinix stepped things up further by giving the ZERO ULTRA a curved AMOLED display, making it truly stand out in the mid-range crowd as one of the few (if not the only) phones to boast such a display.

We honestly like how premium the display was used: colors remain consistent even at the curved sides, and the overall picture quality is close to flagship tier, making you enjoy those high-definition videos and games with the ZERO ULTRA.

Class-leading 200-megapixel main camera.

200-megapixel cameras are pretty new in the market, yet Infinix has made it a standard feature on the ZERO ULTRA, making it a leader in the mid-range segment. The main camera does have OIS and fast autofocusing speeds, delivering images that are way better than what Infinix usually offers. Check out some sample photos here:

Aside from its class-leading main camera, the ZERO ULTRA has a very capable 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera that has autofocus, and a 32-megapixel selfie camera for those crystal clear selfies. On top of that impressive camera hardware, the ZERO ULTRA can be a boon for content creators since it can shoot 4K30 and 1080p60 video as well.


Capable internals for its price.

Being the best that Infinix can offer right now, the ZERO ULTRA is a 5G-ready smartphone wih its Dimensity 920 processor that’s proven to be a solid choice in the mid-range segment. Pair that with 8GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS 3.1 storage, you definitely can’t go wrong with what the ZERO ULTRA is capable of.

Infinix is making a conscious effort in improving its software, as the Android 12-based XOS 12 has less bloatware and feels more fluid to use.


Killer pricing.

Everyone was skeptical of the ZERO Ultra when it was said to have a global SRP that’s equivalent to around Php 30k. However, Infinix knows that it can go aggressive with its pricing, and its official SRP in the Philippines of Php 21,999 was already a win for what it offers. Even making it a true mid-range killer is Infinix pushing the ZERO Ultra’s price in the under Php 20k segment, making it THE best phone you can get in that price segment as far as price-to-specs is concerned.


BONUS: It has its own NFT collection.

As a phone that showcases a lot of groundbreaking tech with it, Infinix has a special 5-piece limited NFT collection for the ZERO ULTRA, and you have a chance of snagging one if you buy the ZERO ULTRA. Called the XBOY EXPLORER, the five NFT designs represent the key innovations of the ZERO ULTRA and is a nice addition to your digital collectibles–regardless if you are a seasoned NFT collector or someone who is new to the hobby.


The ZERO ULTRA has an official SRP of Php 21,999 but is currently available at its promo price of Php 19,999 in Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.

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