Yes, the Galaxy Z Flip Does Come with Flexible Glass

Yes, the Galaxy Z Flip Does Come with Flexible Glass

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The scratchable surface is the plastic covering

Samsung made a bold statement about the Galaxy Z Flip for having the world’s first ultra-thin glass (UTG) panel for the foldable display. To see if Samsung stayed true to their claim, Youtuber JerryRigEverything did his usual durability test on the Galaxy Z Flip. His findings? That the display is vulnerable to scratches, even at level 2 of JerryRig’s pick. This does make JerryRig think that Samsung is lying about their claims.

Before you worry about Samsung’s claims, XDA-Developers’ Max Weinbach explained about the Galaxy Z Flip’s display. Like the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip does come with a layer of plastic on top of the UTG, which explains why the display gets scratched easily.

If that does not convince you enough, here’s Max J’s explanation about that protective polymer layer in the Galaxy Z Flip. In a series of tweets, Max J adds that Samsung did not promise scratch/dent resistance, hence the scratches seen in JerryRig’s video when he used his pick onto the Galaxy Z Flip’s display.

UTG debate aside, JerryRig does commend that the foldable display does survive his trademark bend test, but fails when he applied pressure to the foldable display using his pick. However, compared with the Moto RAZR’s fate, the Galaxy Z Flip is the more durable foldable clamshell phone between the two.

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