Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat System Trolls Hackers With God Mode Feature

Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat System Trolls Hackers With God Mode Feature

We all know that competitive gaming is a gargantuan industry. With huge-scale e-sports tournaments, popular sponsors, celebrity guests, and ridiculous prize pools, it is no longer a hidden secret that the best in the world get rewarded handsomely. We’ve seen plenty of heartwarming rags-to-riches stories due to hard work and training. Unfortunately, some people are so desperate to climb the ladder that they resort to cheats to give them an unfair advantage in whatever game they play. For something as globally-renowned as Call of Duty, advanced anti-cheat software has been implemented for the longest time, but this is probably the most meme-worthy of them all.

What better way is there to troll unfair players by cheating the cheaters? You heard it right, the moment someone is suspected of cheating, they don’t immediately get kicked out of the game. According to the game’s official blog, the Call of Duty Ricochet Anti-Cheat software will literally turn anyone facing a hacker into an invincible enemy. This is called the Damage Shield function, where it lives up to its name of keeping fair players shielded from those who are using scrupulous methods to gain an advantage.

People who aren’t aware of this feature can’t really complain though – since they’re hackers themselves. The company behind this software claims that there is no chance for the system to apply this by accident or randomly. So if someone has been shooting you for a substantial amount of time and you miraculously survive, it can either mean that your foe has horrible aim or they’re using some sort of hacking software that the system has detected.

This is just one of the counter-hack mitigation strategies that Call of Duty has employed to keep its player base safe. With more in development to fight against advancements in cheating, we can be assured that the CoD loyalists will keep the series alive for years to come.


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