The Galaxy A54 is 2nd Best Selling Android Phone for 2023

The Galaxy A54 is 2nd Best Selling Android Phone for 2023

When we reviewed the Galaxy A54 last year, it got a lot of hate because Samsung decided to use an Exynos 1380 instead of a Snapdragon chip like its predecessor. We proved to everyone that the Exynos 1380 is not as bad as people assumed, yet people crucified the Exynos 1380 as if it was a really bad processor.


Fast forward to roughly a year later, and Samsung is laughing at all the Exynos haters: according to Canalys’ latest report, the Galaxy A54 is one of the best selling Android phones globally for 2023, only to be beaten by the more affordable Galaxy A14 5G.

Granted that the top 10 best selling smartphones in 2023 was dominated by Apple–with the 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max taking the top 2 spots, we’re surprised to see a mid-range Samsung phone like the Galaxy A54 make it to the top 10 once again. The last A5x phone to make it to the top list was the Galaxy A51 back in 2020–which also used an Exynos processor.


While it’s far from any iPhone that’s part of the top list, the Galaxy A54 is a decent mid-range phone: the Exynos 1380 did redeemed itself from the infamy caused by its predecessor, and its looks does remind us of the more premium Galaxy S23 series–all while paying for less than half the price. The Galaxy A54’s cameras are also great especially with the new sensor that was used for the main camera.

Alleged render of the Galaxy A55.


This makes us excited for the Galaxy A55, which is slated to launch soon. The latest leaks confirm a metal frame with Samsung’s new Key Island design and will reportedly use a new Exynos 1480 processor.

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