Intel 14th Gen CPUs Available For Pre-Order in the Philippines

Intel 14th Gen CPUs Available For Pre-Order in the Philippines

The freshly-announced 14th Gen processors from Intel are now available for pre-order in the Philippines. Listings for the new CPUs have appeared on the online store of PCHub.

Intel’s most powerful offering in the line right now, the i9-14900K, is priced at Php 37,525, which is just a bit higher than Intel’s suggested retail price of $589 (~Php 33.5k). Meanwhile, the i7-14700K can be ordered for Php 26,895, and the i5-14600K for Php 20,425. Pre-orders are also available for the variants of these chips that do not include integrated graphics, the i9-14900KF (Php 35,625), i7-14700KF (Php 25,180), and i5-14600KF (Php 18,725).

The PCHub listings do not state when these Intel 14th gen CPUs will arrive in the Philippines.

Intel launched its newest processors last October 17 and promised that these chips will deliver the best desktop experience and unparalleled overclocking capabilities. However, benchmarks provided by independent reviewers showed that the newest CPUs were only marginally faster than their predecessors. In some cases, these Intel 14th Gen processors even ran worse than their older counterparts, as exhibited by hardware tester Gamers Nexus’s benchmarks that showed the i7-14700K performing worse than the i7-13700K in games like Cyberpunk 2077.

Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake processors, which are based on a newer technology node, could bring the significant gains that the i9-14900K and its siblings failed to bring.

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