Meralco Unveils Digital Twin Labs for Futureproofing Operations

Meralco Unveils Digital Twin Labs for Futureproofing Operations

As it looks forward to improving its business operations, Meralco previewed to members of the media its Digital Twin labs, which will play a crucial role in making its operations futureproof.

As part of its Powertech Innovation and eXperience Lab (PIXL) that’s located within the Meralco compound in Ortigas, the distribution utility’s own virtual world rendering studio and metaverse aims to make good use of real-world data to help Meralco in training and educating its personnel.

One of the use cases for Digital Twin labs is the virtual examination and analysis of any Meralco substation through the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens. Paired with the lab’s 10 short-throw high-definition projectors, 360-degree projection wall, and LED lights, Meralco’s Digital Twin can be utilized as a virtual space to save time in determining any problems within any of its substations and services–all while being more efficient in the process.

“The most important digital strategy we have is the digitalization of the grid. Making the grid smarter entails a lot of new investments in technology. We are looking to smart substations, smart meters, advanced metering infrastructure and advanced network infrastructure, all of which taken together would make the grid much smarter and more digital,” Meralco President and CEO Atty. Ray Espinosa said.

Aside from the use case that was presented to the media, Meralco envisions different use cases for its Digital Twin. These include utilizing it for an improved virtual experience with customers and a more interactive way of training and upskilling its personnel.

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