MTRCB Partners with Netflix to Promote Responsible Viewership

MTRCB Partners with Netflix to Promote Responsible Viewership

While the MTRCB reiterates its need to regulate shows in online streaming platforms like Netflix, the government agency recently partnered with the online streaming giant for the responsible use of parental controls.

“Here at the MTRCB, we look after the well-being of Filipino viewers of all ages, which is why safeguards must be in place to prevent young children from being exposed to content that is not appropriate for their age,” MTRCB chairperson Lala Sotto-Antonio said.

With the partnership, both MTRCB and Netflix aim to ensure that access to content in the streaming giant’s platform is age appropriate. To make this work, Netflix will be promoting its in-app Parental Controls feature, which will let users place a PIN code and a designated “Kids” account for young viewers.

The MTRCB is optimistic that with this initiative from Netflix, both local and foreign streaming providers will follow suit. It also adds that its agency is open to collaboration opportunities that are aimed towards protecting the interests of Filipinos.

With Filipinos wondering how MTRCB will be able to regulate shows from streaming sites, this partnership with Netflix is their best option right now. Aside from being able to properly regulate shows, this is also a good way to promote Netflix’s (and other streaming platforms’) parental control features.

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