Security Bank Online Banking Services Down

Security Bank Online Banking Services Down

If you are a Security Bank account holder, you will need to do your transactions over the counter for the meantime, as their online banking services remain down as of writing this story.

In their Facebook post, Security Bank explains that they are experiencing technical issues with their online banking services, and did not give a definite timeline as to when services will return back to normal.

“Rest assured that our team is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible,” Security Bank said in their post.

While Security Bank does give a heads up to it’s clients before they do maintenance work to their online banking platform, this is the first time that all of their services are inaccessible without any prior announcement from their end.

This is also the first time that their online services remain inaccessible for more than a day (and counting). We are waiting for the latest update from Security Bank as of writing this story.

The online services of Security Bank have been inaccessible since July 19, 6PM.  We have tried to log in using our account, but the Security Bank app remains unresponsive.

Stay tuned to this site for updates as to what’s happening to Security Bank’s online services.


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