Unregistered SIM Owners May Lose Some Services ASAP

Unregistered SIM Owners May Lose Some Services ASAP

Some may be cheering that there’s been a 90-day final extension for SIM Registration until July 25. However, some still remain stubborn despite the repeat emergency broadcasts we’ve all been experiencing as of late. The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) believes that partial loss of access to services may incentivize unregistered SIM users to get onboard faster than ever before.

The agency did voice out that it was considering cutting certain features for unregistered SIM users. Of course, that would also require full cooperation from the telcos whom may be affected by this mandate. We can imagine losses to include blockages of specific websites, decreased network speeds, loss in quality for call & text services, and a plethora of other possibilities.

Part of the DICT is the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) – the leading authority on these cases. Its Deputy Commissioner Jon Paulo Salvahan has mentioned that whether this is legal or not remains to be a grey area. There is nothing in the extension that stipulates this specifically, but whether or not doing so would impact consumers’ rights remains to be known. Nonetheless, as mentioned, close coordination with the telcos would still be necessary.

Smart Communications Inc. has looked through this proposal and stated that it may be difficult to implement due to “time constraints.” Understandably, adjusting the infrastructure could take several weeks, and for an implementation period of just 90 days, it just isn’t worth it.

The related parties have stated that this mandate regarding unregistered SIM users may reach a decision point as early as this or next week. Until then, we’d strongly suggest you register already.





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  • Erwin Evarita , April 28, 2023

    This is some strangely uncritical coverage of the SIM registration mess. Why are you describing holdouts as “stubborn” when you have people who have difficulty registering for any number of reasons, not to mention the people opposed to the process on principle?

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