What Makes the Camera Setup of the vivo V27 5G Impressive

What Makes the Camera Setup of the vivo V27 5G Impressive

While vivo has been pushing for excellent camera performance with its X series since its partnership with Zeiss for the X60 series, vivo is making these key camera improvements to the V series–which we started noticing with the V25 series. The V27 5G improves on that through a bevy of hardware and software features that make it a compelling upper mid-range phone if taking photos and videos is your thing.

Let’s dive in on the key features of the V27 5G that makes it feel like a flagship when it comes to camera performance.


The Aura Portrait Algorithm System

Aside from equipping the V27 5G with a flagship-grade sensor, vivo also tweaked the LED flash as well for portraits under its Aura Portrait Algorithm System. Brands tend to overlook the LED flash–but vivo saw an opportunity with it by allowing you to adjust the intensity levels when taking portraits, allowing you to use it as a ring light for more flattering portraits.

What makes the V27 5G’s Aura Light great compared to other LED flash systems is that having the ability to tweak the intensity levels lets you properly utilize the LED light as a soft light when needed–which is very useful when you want to take portraits in low-light conditions and highlight the subject.

Custom IMX766V sensor for the main camera

First seen on the X70, the sensor used for the V27 5G’s camera is a vivo-specific version of the popular IMX766 that’s used on a number of mid-range and even flagship phones. Boasting a 1/1.56-inch sensor, a lot of brands love to use the IMX766 for its excellent performance in all lighting conditions.

This sensor boasts large 1.0um pixels that can become 2.0um pixels with 4-in-1 pixel binning for better camera performance, and you also get vivo’s own tweaks to make the IMX766V a great all-around sensor for both photos and videos. Speaking of the latter, you can shoot 4K videos with the IMX766V, along with Full HD 60FPS if you are after more fluid footage.


OIS+ EIS on the main camera

While having OIS is already good enough, vivo implemented an even better hybrid solution that combines BOTH OIS and EIS to ensure that you have fewer instances of blurred shots when shooting photos in low light. The feature also helps maximize the IMX766V’s performance.

Outside of photos, the OIS+EIS combo benefits a lot from taking videos especially if you want to shoot smooth 4K video. For the best possible stabilization, the V27 5G has an ultra stabilization mode that lets you shoot action camera-like footage at Full HD 60FPS.


Class-leading 50-megapixel selfie camera with eye AF

The V-series have been known for its performance when taking selfies, and the V27 5G keeps the same 50-megapixel selfie shooter found on the V25. Aside from having a very high resolution for a selfie shooter, it’s a top-end variety as it has eye AF to help you keep all your selfies shared and well-focused.

The V27 5G’s selfie shooter has another party trick: in taking videos, you can shoot in 4K, making the V27 5G a formidable phone if vlogging is your thing. What’s also nice about the V27 5G’s selfie snapper is that you can shoot in 4K AND still have eye tracking enabled to keep those selfie videos in focus!


And yes, it’s a stylish camera phone!

Beyond all of its camera features, the V27 5G is a stylish phone! Aside from a slim 7.36mm frame and a 120hz curved AMOLED display, you also get a new Photochromic 2.0 tech for its Emerald Green colorway that changes color faster than previous iterations to give the V27 5G a dynamic appearance when you use it.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, vivo also has the V27e, where you still get a 120hz AMOLED display, OIS on the main camera, and Aura Portrait for taking great studio-quality shots at a lower price.


The vivo V27 5G is priced at Php 24,999. Visit here to know more about the V27 series.

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