YouTube Premium Made BETTER: 5 New Features to Enjoy

YouTube Premium Made BETTER: 5 New Features to Enjoy

When it comes to paid streaming services in the Philippines, YouTube Premium is one of the best services to avail. Beyond the glory of ad-free YouTube binging, you also get ad-free access to YouTube Music, which is a decent audio streaming service if you don’t want to get a separate subscription. Aside from the great value for money it already offers, Google made a big announcement that they are adding a few new features for YouTube Premium users.

Here are the five new features YouTube Premium users will be getting:

Enhanced Bitrate 1080p streams. Initially spotted a few months ago, Google promises an “even deeper visual quality” with its 1080p Premium stream option, where it will have a higher bitrate compared to the normal 1080p stream. It will initially be available to iOS users, but Google is working on making the feature available to the Web client soon.

Smart Downloads. Taking cues from a known Netflix feature, Smart Downloads automatically adds recommended videos to your library when you are connected to WiFi, letting you enjoy these videos offline. It’s a handy feature, especially when you want to discover new content without going through the hassle of searching.

Continue where you left off in ANY device. Whether you are watching through your TV, tablet, computer, or phone, YouTube Premium will remember the last video you are watching, and let you continue viewing it on a different device seamlessly.

Host YouTube watch parties with Google Meet. You can make those online reunions with family and friends more engaging, as YouTube Premium will allow you to host a session where you get to watch ad-free YouTube videos together virtually.

Video queuing for phones and tablets. Initially an exclusive feature for the web version, Google is making video queuing available for phones and tablets as well so that you can set the videos you plan to watch.


Which of these five new features do you look forward to? Do let us know in the comments section!

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