YouTube Working on Video Dubbing that’s Powered by AI

YouTube Working on Video Dubbing that’s Powered by AI

With most online platforms making use of AI to strengthen all the features they have to offer, YouTube will integrate AI into its video dubbing tools as it has revealed at VidCon. For this upcoming feature, YouTube teamed up with AI-powered dubbing service Aloud, which is part of Area 120, Google’s in-house startup incubator.

The idea for using AI for video dubbing is to allow YouTube creators to reach a wider audience by having their videos available in multiple languages. Recently, MrBeast was one of the few creators that tested YouTube’s support for multi-language audio, where some of his videos can be played with different audio tracks other than English.

A sample of one of MrBeast’s videos with multi-language support.


This time around, utilizing the services of Aloud for video dubbing means that creators can do away with partnering with third-party dubbing providers, which can be expensive and time-consuming. What Aloud does is that it transcribes the video to the creator–then translates and produces a dubbed version. From here, creators can edit the transcription before Aloud generates the finalized dub.

In its current iteration, Aloud can be used for English, Spanish, and Portuguese, though it plans for more languages like Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia. Beyond that, YouTube also confirmed to TechCrunch that they are also utilizing generative AI to allow Aloud to have features like voice preservation, better emotion transfer and lip reanimation for a smoother video dubbing process.

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