Go Ballistic with Ballistic Case Co.

Go Ballistic with Ballistic Case Co.


Extreme protection for your smartphone is now in the PH

So you got your shiny, new Galaxy S5. Before you accidentally drop it and the screen shatters into an expensive mess, you might want to put on a protective case on it. While there’s a multitude of case manufacturers that you can go to, there’s only one that can protect your device from extreme drops of up to 12 feet. Ballistic Case Co. says that their products are superior to their competitors because they’re the only ones who have drop ratings for their products that start at 6 feet. During the launch, we personally witnessed a smartphone getting tossed from the height of 12 feet without a scratch. Ballistic Case Co. claims that it’s because of their HexTec six sided case protection, which protects against cracked screens and general damage.


In fact, Ballistic Case Co. said that compared to their competitors, their products are able to offer as much as 26.9% more protection. As for the cases, the company is offering a multitude of cases for the PH market for hero products like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5, as well as the LG G2. The cases range anywhere from Php 990 to Php 2,490. Ballistic cases are available at Beyond the Box stores all around the metro.


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