GoPro Finally Adds a Tripod Thread to the Hero 12 Black

GoPro Finally Adds a Tripod Thread to the Hero 12 Black

Following up on last year’s Hero 11 Black, GoPro unveils its 12th generation action camera with the Hero 12 Black. There’s no Mini version this time, and it’s fine–after all, the Hero 12 Black is an incremental update to its predecessor, getting a few quality-of-life (QoL) upgrades.

One of the biggest improvements is with battery life, as an updated power management system will get you as much as double the battery life using GoPro’s Enduro batteries. GoPro claims that the Hero 12 Black can shoot up to 70 minutes of 5.3k video at 60FPS–or even stretch it further to up to 155 minutes of continuous video recording at Full HD 30FPS. In both cases, the numbers have HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilization enabled, so it’s possible to push the Hero 12 Black’s battery life further.

A very nice QoL upgrade on the Hero 12 Black is that you have a standard tripod mounting thread at the bottom, allowing you to easily mount it on tripods. We don’t know why GoPro took them 12 generations of the Hero to finally have this feature–but at least everyone’s getting it.

While the Hero 12 Black uses the same 1/1.9-inch sensor used by its predecessor, you can shoot in a 9:16 vertical format to suit those who intend to create content for TikTok and YouTube shorts. You also get support for Bluetooth audio devices as well, adding the versatility to the Hero 12 Black for content creation. You can also shoot HDR photos and videos with the Hero 12 Black at up to 5.3k (30FPS in 16:9) and 4K (30FPS in 8:7 and 60FPS in 16:9), along with GP-Log for a broader dynamic range. Should you want a wider FoV, there’s an optional Max Lens Mod 2.0 that gives you a 177-degree FoV.

The Hero 12 Black is priced at Php 24,990, and those who will pre-order until September 13 will get a GoPro Cap and Camping Cup with their purchase.



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