Hypercar CPU: Core i9-13900KS has 6.0Ghz Max Clock Speed

Hypercar CPU: Core i9-13900KS has 6.0Ghz Max Clock Speed

Intel makes an achievement of having the first desktop CPU to break the 6.0Ghz barrier out of the box with the Core i9-13900KS.

Intel now has bragging rights for offering the first desktop CPU that can go as high as 6.0Ghz with the Core i9-13900KS out of the box. While it does share a lot in common with Intel’s flagship Core i9-13900K, the 13900KS is a higher-binned version that adds a 200Mhz clock speed bump in order to reach the mythical 6.0Ghz clock speed. To recap, the Core i9-13900K’s max clock speed is at 5.8Ghz.

Aside from using higher-binned silicon, the Core i9-13900KS pushes its base power limit to 150w (vs 125w on the 13900K) and has the option to raise that power limit to 320w with support for Extreme Power Delivery Profile.


While it does sound enticing to hear a desktop CPU hitting 6.0Ghz to satisfy all the geeks and nerds out there, there are several caveats to it. Despite Intel’s claims that one can reach that speed on the Core i9-13900KS without overclocking and only using standard motherboards and AIO liquid coolers, its test video showed that the processor can only reach 6.0Ghz with a few performance cores for only a few seconds.

And just like with a hypercar, we don’t think you’d be hitting (or even needing) 6.0Ghz from a CPU for your daily productivity needs. This is more of a flex from Intel that they can push their architecture to the very limits–and we will not be surprised if AMD will try to one-up them with their own high-performance CPU.

If you really crave for speed (or simply want to flex your PC build), the Core i9-13900KS retails for $699 or around Php 39k before taxes and duties.


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