Wildest Tech at CES 2023 that Caught our Attention

Wildest Tech at CES 2023 that Caught our Attention

We wrap up CES 2023 with the top products that are so wild, they caught our attention–and we want to get our hands on them.

CES 2023 has come to a close, and the event has showcased a variety of unusual tech products that are either practical or extravagant. Among all that we have seen and heard (aside from the usual laptop launches and announcements from the likes of NVIDIA and AMD), there are three particular products revealed that CES 2023 caught our attention.

Beyond being unusual, these particular products caught our attention because we see their potential of being something people can use–regardless of how much they can be. Here are our top 3 favorite CES 2023 picks:

Top CES 2023 Products that caught our attention

  • Withings U-Scan urine analyzer
  • Samsung Smart AI Oven
  • LG Styler ShoeCase

Withings U-Scan urine analyzer

A device that you actually pee on? Call it weird, but your own urine does hold a treasure trove of health information. Pricey at $500, the Withings U-Scan may look like a pebble-shaped add-on for your toilet bowl, but it packs sensors and a special cartridge that makes it function as your own personal health lab in analyzing your overall well-being.

Through a companion app, you can view all of the health metrics you will possibly need to know from your usual urinalysis test. We do think that it’s a very useful product because you can know what’s bothering you before going to the doctor so that you can get a more accurate consultation.


Samsung Smart AI Oven

After Samsung made appliances cool by adding a 32-inch TV to a refrigerator, the Korean brand has upped a notch with their Smart AI Oven, which has an in-oven camera. Why would you actually need a camera INSIDE the oven? Samsung has multiple reasons for that.

One of these includes real-time monitoring of the dishes you are cooking (it can monitor as many as 80 dishes and ingredients) and an anti-burn detection alert to ensure that even amateurs won’t make a major cooking mistake in their culinary career.

And since the Smart AI oven is amateur-friendly, the in-oven camera can even be used to livestream whatever you are cooking, so that you can show your haters and fans the delicious dish that you are whipping up in the oven.

LG Styler ShoeCase

Regardless if you are a sneakerhead or someone who needs a place to store their sneakers, LG has a stylish and practical solution with the Styler ShoeCase. Aside from being a smart furniture piece for showcasing your shoes, the Styler ShoeCase also takes good care of them as well. It has a steaming feature that ensures all of your sneakers smell and feel fresh all the time–something that’s important if your sneakers are expensive.

The other nice part about the Styler ShoeCase is its modular design, where you can place multiple shelves so that you can flex all of your grail pairs at home in full 360-degree glory.


Those are the top CES 2023 products that caught our attention. Are there other noteworthy products that we missed out? Let us know!

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