Beyond The Box Counts Down To Apple iPhone 14 Midnight Launch

Beyond The Box Counts Down To Apple iPhone 14 Midnight Launch

As tech-savvy individuals in the Philippines line up to become the first owners of the latest Apple iPhone 14 series, Beyond the Box hosts an event that goes beyond just discussing the phone. With hordes of people waiting in line, the brand provided a bit of a program to help people maximize their latest purchases. Here’s what went down at the event.

As expected, the Beyond the Box Apple iPhone 14 launch event included impactful discussions on video production and content creation. These went into an interesting deep dive, with the renowned Carlo Mesina tackling how to take videos while travelling and how these videos really go. Another talk by Jaco de Leon expounded on finding your Why in the content creation world and keeping yourself motivated in a world that moves so fast and seems to leave everyone behind. “Start before you’re ready,” a wise tidbit of advice.

Shockingly, the main tips shared were “Bring Less, Film Less” because it’s the best feeling to pack light when on-the-go. With the latest Apple iPhone 14 lineup available at Beyond the Box, its built-in optics can take quality photos and videos without the bulk of a conventional setup.

Mike of the Making it Happen Vlog on YouTube also explored how technology has progressed to the point where users can now effortlessly take videos with handheld devices and pass them off as professionally taken. This has greatly aided his mobility, especially when crafting his content on-the-go.

Another part of the program involved looking into the freebies that first-day purchasers will get with the Apple iPhone 14 lineup at Beyond the Box. These packages contained a wide range of products including but not limited to headphones, cases, and others. Deals are aplenty here. Mega influencers like Janina Vela were also present to discover these items.

There is no electronics event that is complete without raffles. Multiple prizes were given throughout the event, with the lucky winners receiving things ranging from alarm clocks to accessories for their new devices.

Check out the pricelist here. People have lined up for hours just to be one of the first to get their hands on this lineup of devices. The first ones in line were rewarded with freebies such as an additional PHP 3,000 gift certificate and other items.



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