PLDT Silently Rolls Out Prepaid Fiber In The Philippines

PLDT Silently Rolls Out Prepaid Fiber In The Philippines

Finally, PLDT has officially, but silently, rolled out its prepaid fiber offering in the Philippines. This comes after rival Globe Fiber and Converge ICT rolled out their prepaid offerings a few months ago. 

While you could sort of get prepaid Fiber from PLDT if you had payment problems in the past (but didn’t want to waste the already installed lines in your home) this is the first time customers will be able to avail of a purpose-built prepaid line to use. PLDT’s prepaid fiber offering was spotted by a sharp-eyed reader being offered by PLDT’s sales agents, linked below.

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PLDT Prepaid fiber price in the Philippines

PLDT is offering three price tiers for their prepaid fiber service in the Philippines: Php 299 for 7 days, Php 599 for 15 days, and Php 999 for 30 days. There is a one-time initial cash out of Php 1599 inclusive of 15 days of internet, which is likely to cover installation costs and the Wi-Fi router that PLDT provides for the service. Your speeds will be capped to just 35Mbps. 

There’s no data cap for all three plans, though PLDT says in their FAQ that if you fail to top up your account for more than 60 days, your prepaid Fiber service will be disconnected. 

PLDT is now offering the service nationwide, but as with regular post-paid fiber installation offerings, your application will depend on the availability of fiber facilities near your area. 

With the three major home internet providers now offering prepaid fiber solutions, it’s now possible for people to test each one in their area without year’s long commitments to see what works well and what doesn’t. It’s an unfortunate truth that fiber internet quality for each provider varies depending on location, and what works well in one city or municipality might not necessarily work well in another.

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  • Sonny barcelon , May 25, 2024

    I am subscrubed to pldt fiber for sometime but now it’s not working for over a week despite repeated calls and follow up. If I wanted to subscribe to this new PLDT FIBER PLAN. How do I apply and how should I terminate my present subscription?

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