Goodbye, Sweet Prince: The Galaxy Note Is Dead

Goodbye, Sweet Prince: The Galaxy Note Is Dead

Today, Samsung has officially launched its new flagships in the form of the S22, S22+, and the S22 Ultra. And while Samsung didn’t outright say it, the launch of the top-of-the-line flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, signals the official end of the Galaxy Note, at least as a separate model in the brand’s lineup. Yes, the Galaxy Note is dead.

It was inevitable really. When the Galaxy Note was first announced a decade ago, it was marketed as the phone with the biggest display at the time at 5.3-inches. Samsung’s decision to throw in a stylus made the phone a distinct model in the brand’s lineup.

Who misses the Galaxy Note Edge?


But over the years the phone’s big-screen advantage was made slowly made irrelevant by the increasing screen size of competing flagships through the years, enough that the biggest difference between the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note 20, the last phone in the line, was the S-Pen. Both phones had similar screen sizes and features, as well as similar price points when they hit the market.

The Galaxy Note 3

With Samsung including S-Pen functionality in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it really looks like the Note line is really, really dead this time around. Samsung did not renew its trademark for the Galaxy Note name last year, which was already a clue that the brand was done with the Note. With the S22 Ultra doing everything the Note did (but better), there’s really no reason to keep the old appendage around.

Folding the Note’s functionality to the top variant of the Galaxy S22 Ultra was only natural, as it allows the brand to trim its smartphone offerings now that it has to contend with pimping its foldable to the public as well.

So, raise a glass to the Galaxy Note – the Galaxy Note is dead, long live the Galaxy Note.


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