Health Startup Holds Therapy Sessions… IN Genshin Impact

Health Startup Holds Therapy Sessions… IN Genshin Impact

You think you’ve seen it all, but then you’re surprised with these innovative new ideas. Health startup Mind You MHS has just unveiled its House of Healers project. This attempts to “gamify” therapy, specifically in famous multiplayer titles like Genshin Impact.

If you think this is a joke, we’re not laughing. The project brings free mental health education and consultation sessions with Mind You’s licensed psychologists. They’ll be choosing “healer” characters to represent their profession and people will be able to book one-on-one consultations.

We can imagine that a timeframe will be blocked off so that users can play with the psychs, and just hold therapy sessions. Others may say games like Genshin Impact are therapy, but this is literally taking it to another level.

Discussions can be held over either the in-game chat function or Discord voice conferences.

In a press release, Mind You CEO Yuri Marshall had this to say: “We have built Mind You up to be able to offer accessible and affordable mental healthcare and support for communities and individuals alike. With House of Healers, this is an exciting new avenue for us to be able to extend much-needed support to the gaming industry, in a language that can resonate more.”

The company sought this method due to the fact that millions of Filipinos are undergoing varying types of mental health issues. As such, a free and fun “escapist” platform such as Genshin Impact should make therapy more accessible than ever before.

“Mind You understands that gaming is one of the more effective channels to reach young Filipinos today. With House of Healers, we aim to leverage the growing popularity and influence of video games to help break the stigma of mental health and encourage others to seek help before it is too late. Together with our partners, we have systems in place to ensure that those in the game feel safe and that their privacy is protected at all times. Overall, we are committed to helping increase the accessibility to better mental health care in the Philippines.”

Interested? This program will initially be running every weekend, but more schedules should be announced soon. Additionally, the company is also hosting events raising mental health awareness to make sure people don’t feel alone in facing this dilemma.



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