LG Unveils A Flexible Car Screen For The Center Console

LG Unveils A Flexible Car Screen For The Center Console

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 won’t be complete without some automotive innovations. LG has just announced some flexible car screen technologies that could revolutionize the way users interact with their vehicle cabins. With this, the “intrusiveness” of a conventional flat-panel display may be completely eliminated in the future.

At the top is a flat screen that runs across the interior from the driver to the passenger side. While that’s a modern display by today’s standards, it’s not something revolutionary that would turn countless heads at CES.

What’s more interesting is the thing below it. Current photos show a 12.8-inch seamless center console display that bends along to the dashboard. Its innovative shape takes the place of conventional climate control dials and other buttons normally seen on a more classic center console design. This means that even more things are on a touchscreen now more than ever before. The developed technology to make an LG flexible car screen possible is to use P-OLED (Plastic OLED) technology. It uses elastic plastic as a substrate instead of glass, lending to its flexible and bendable yet clear image quality.

While this is all quite intriguing stuff, we’re left wondering how this LG flexible car screen used as a center console would affect day-to-day use. Volkswagen has already drawn a bit of flak for removing the mechanical controls on the center console for some capacitative touch buttons on the Mk.8 Golf GTI and R models.  It’s often complained about and perceived as a sore spot for ownership. Not being able to feel out essential controls such as drive modes and climate settings while driving not only can be a tremendous hassle but can also be hazardous if it distracts you enough to keep your eyes off the road for a prolonged amount of time.

As a result, the brand itself has committed to return the old-school methods with an interior refresh. With this, we’re looking forward to seeing how LG improves this flexible car screen technology and works with automakers to ensure excellent execution of their interesting plans.


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