These AI-powered throwback Yearbook Photos are Scaringly Good

These AI-powered throwback Yearbook Photos are Scaringly Good

While everyone is debating about the use of AI, people are enjoying this new trend where they transform their selfies into 90s yearbook photos that look very realistic. Even celebrities have joined the yearbook photos trend, and the results are shockingly good–all considering all of these photos are AI-generated.
If you really want a copy of those realistic, AI-generated photos, here’s what you need to do:
  1. Download the EPIK AI app via App Store / Google Play.
  2. After installing the app, Tap “AI Yearbook“.
  3. Upload selfies.  You’ll need to upload 8-12 selfies for the app to get your AI photos ready, and you need to make sure you upload your best selfies for the results to be great.
  4. Pay the fee. There are two tiers for the payment: Php 299 gets your 60 AI-generated photos within 2 hours, while Php 199 gets you the same number of AI-generated photos, but you’ll need approximately a day for them.
  5. Wait for your photos. Depending on what tier you paid for, the waiting game begins. The times given can vary given the immense demand for the service.

Is it worth the money?

For the price of approximately a cup of coffee, these AI-generated yearbook photos are more for fun and posterity. We really doubt if you’ll them things other than profile pictures for your social media accounts, but it just shows how powerful AI can be. Paying for the service is just fair because it takes a lot of processing power to produce your own set of 60 AI-generated photos–and we’re talking about the thousands (or even millions) of users who want to avail of the service.

Are there any risks?

Aside from using AI, one of the main concerns with EPIK AI is that it collects a lot of selfies from users, igniting privacy and security concerns. To address these concerns, the developers behind EPIK AI assure its users that they delete the uploaded photos after fulfilling the services–but we don’t know if they stay true to their promise.

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