TikTok To Pay Content Creators Soon

TikTok To Pay Content Creators Soon

The social media app TikTok continuously remains on the rise. With short video clips being its main thing, it is a shocking fact that content creators remain unpaid by the app to this day. Well, we do have good news for TikTok content creators as the social media app has announced that they will soon share ad revenues with their content creators.

TikTok To Pay Content Creators Soon

That’s right, TikTok will soon be launching their new program TikTok Pulse, which will specifically place ads along with the top 4% of TikTok videos. However, TikTok has also announced that only content creators with at least 100,000 followers will be eligible for the percentage of the ad revenue.

According to TikTok CEO of Global Business Solutions North America Sandie Hawkins, “TikTok Pulse is designed to give brands the tools and controls to be a part of these everyday moments; and community-engaging trends.” She also revealed that the app will give a 50% ad revenue share to said creators, which is similar to the amount given by video streaming company Youtube to its creators.

TikTok Pulse will first launch in the US this June and other regions to follow in the fall. Through this program, the social media app is “focusing on developing monetization solutions in available markets so that creators feel valued and rewarded on TikTok.”


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