Unbox Podcast V3.0 Comes Back This Week!

Unbox Podcast V3.0 Comes Back This Week!


Unbox Podcast V3.0!

After doing 3 seasons with NMF TV and 1 season with Woosah Studios, we’ve decided to bring back the podcast but with our own resources and equipment! We’ve made significant changes with the format of the show based on the feedback we’ve gathered from the last four seasons of the Unbox Podcast. I’ll go through the major changes for everyone’s appreciation. 🙂

Shorter but Meatier

This is probably the most requested change for the podcast. The 45-minute to 1 hour show was just to “TV” and not really suited for digital. So instead of 1 looooong video we’re going to upload shorter 8-15 minute segments with the main topic of the headline per video clip. This way you can watch what you want without having to go through stuff that you don’t want. It’s also easier to download and stream!

3 Hosts Down from 4

We used to do at least 4 hosts per show and we found it difficult for everyone (us included). So from now on each segment will just have 3 hosts and we will just alternate per clip. The roster of hosts include me (Carlo), John, Nicole, Eason, and Alora.

UnGeek Podcast Debut

We’re also launching a new show called “UNGEEK”. The show is hosted by me (Carlo), Colin, and Jamie. This is a short 10-15 minute topical podcast that talks about movies, comics, TV series, and pop culture. This will be initially hosted on the Unbox PH YouTube Channel.

And that’s it! Expect the Unbox Podcast V3.0 first batch of videos to hit YouTube this week. Make sure you subscribe to our channel folks! We’re going to putting much more effort behind our video content in the coming months ahead.


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