Unusual realme Products We Want to See in the Philippines

Unusual realme Products We Want to See in the Philippines

Beyond smartphones, realme also sells ecosystem products under its TechLife sub-brand. While their official TechLife store in the Philippines has its fair share of products that you wouldn’t expect realme to have, the TechLife products in India are far more absurd. A quick look at FlipKart revealed a bunch of unusual realme products that made us think: how we wish the Philippines also had those products too.

That being said, we round up these unusual realme products that are sold in India–and we wish will be made available in the Philippines:


A WiFi-enabled washing machine

The idea of a realme washing machine is already insane, but this one definitely tops off the list because it is a SMART washing machine that has WiFi connectivity. Because it has WiFi, you can control this washing machine from the comfort of your smartphone. We don’t know if you’d actually need such a feature, but it’s a nice thing to have especially if you are building a cohesive smart home ecosystem.

Aside from having WiFi connectivity, this is probably the most high-tech washing machine we’ve seen, as it uses inverter technology and has fancy features like a built-in heater and garment sterilization.

It is priced at Rs 29,490(~Php 19.8k) as of this writing, which is not bad for a washing machine that is full of bells and whistles.



A more basic washing machine

Let’s be honest: not everyone likes appliances that are overly high-tech–and that’s why realme does offer a more entry-level washing machine that can suit the needs of most people. Take this one: a semi-automatic one that looks like your typical washing machine that has a 8.5kg load capacity that’s enough for most households.

Despite looking basic, it has features like a dryer, IPx4 rating, and antibacterial washing to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

This one retails for Rs 10,690(~Php 7.2k) as of this writing, making it priced close to similar models from other brands.



A split inverter aircon

Believe it or not, realme does sell an inverter aircon–specifically the split-type variety–in India, making them close to Samsung when it comes to their portfolio of appliances. Aside from being the more energy-efficient inverter variety, realme’s aircon offering has this “4 in 1 Convertible Operation” feature that lets you adjust the aircon’s power according to your needs.

The biggest model, which is a 1.5-ton (2HP) one has a price of Rs 34,999(~Php 23.5k), which is priced lower than similarly-sized ones from other brands here in the Philippines.


A side-by-side refrigerator

While realme is a brand associated with value-for-money products, they do have a few premium offerings, and this side-by-side refrigerator is definitely one of them. As one of the most expensive realme TechLife products, their side-by-side refrigerator uses an energy-efficient inverter compressor and features a premium aluminum body.

Aside from that, this side-by-side refrigerator also has a built-in water dispenser and “AI” built-in to make it more power efficient during certain scenarios (ie. when you are not at home for several days).

This 631L model is priced at INR 60,990(~Php 41k). It’s probably the most expensive realme product to date, but it’s competitively priced when compared to those being offered by other brands.


An eye-catching refrigerator

Have you ever thought of having a refrigerator that can double as an art piece? Well, realme does have a few affordable refrigerators in India that have eye-catching graphics. This blue one, for example, is adorned with flower-like graphics on its door, giving this refrigerator a unique appeal that can liven any home.

At INR 13,190(~Php 8.9k) for the 215L model, it’s an affordable AND stylish refrigerator that’s nice to have in any household.


That rounds up some of our favorite unusual realme products that are currently exclusive to India. Do you think realme should consider expanding to appliances in the Philippines AND bring these products to our shores as well?

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  • bulbulito_binayagbag , March 8, 2023

    Yep they need to bring those over, most of the products they sell on their store at lazada are the usual run of the mill stuff, we want those other unique products!

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