vivo Is Now Within Top 5 Phone Brands In The Philippines

vivo Is Now Within Top 5 Phone Brands In The Philippines

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) and its Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, vivo has officially joined the Top 5 smartphone brands in the Philippines. This is the result of the gradual increase of popularity of the brand on local shores as well as well-executed releases across the board.

Despite the considerable fall in smartphone sales around the world as of late, vivo is still finding success – both in the Philippines and worldwide. IDC even manages to report that vivo has managed to scrounge up a 335.4% increase in its shipments this 2022 Q3, as compared to this quarter last year. That is an admirable feat amidst market challenges brought about by geopolitical tensions, supply shortages, and logistical concerns. The team at vivo is doing things right.

The brand attributes its successes to its new entry-level models such as the Y15 and Y15a. These are value-centric models providing ample specs for the price. The company’s goal for these devices seems to be to bring reliable performance to an even lower price point than ever before. Partnerships with relevant brands (such as the NBA and artist LANY) worked in their favor as well, especially for the brand’s reputation.

Events such as the PUBG Mobile Turbo Cup Challenge also bolstered the company’s presence in a gigantic yet ever-evolving mobile eSports scene. Many analysts have mentioned choosing to host such a tournament was monumental to the growth experienced.

In addition to these marketing moves, the top-end of the smartphone range also continues to improve. Flagship devices such as the vivo X80 continue to challenge the field with industry-leading ZEISS optics and much more to offer.

Despite these successes, vivo mentions that the rest of the year will still be an eventful one for them. Their team still has a lot of announcements to make, products to unveil, and, undoubtedly, sales to make. Check out the official vivo Philippines site here for more information.



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