You Can Get Control For Free at the Epic Games Store

You Can Get Control For Free at the Epic Games Store

Looking for a great game to play without spending money? Epic Games announced that it is offering Control for free at their store for a limited time!

This offering is part of Epic Games’ Mega Sale, and it is indeed closing it with a bang with this hit title from Remedy. If you want to snag it for free, you have until June 17 11AM (US Time) to get it at the shop for free. Prior to control, among the games that was offered for free during the Mega Sale is NBA 2K21.

Control revolves around Jesse Faden, where she explores the shape-shifting Oldest House—also known as the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control. The game progresses as you explore the place’s secrets, the protagonist gains telekinetic abilities that is essential in battling a horde of enemies known as the Hiss.

While it is going to be free at the Epic Games Store for a limited time, PlayStation Plus members were able to claim the Ultimate Edition of Control for free earlier this year, while XBox Game Pass subscribers have access to the game at no extra cost.

For the Epic Games store version, both two expansion packs will be available at 50% off until June 17 for $5, while a season pass for both will cost you $7.50.

Aside from Control being free, Epic Games is also offering discounts on select hit titles: 25% off on Assasin’s Creed Valhalla, 20% off on Cyberpunk 2077, 30% off on Detroit: Become Human, and 75% off on Rage 2.


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