You Can Now Set Usernames On The Maya App For Transactions

You Can Now Set Usernames On The Maya App For Transactions

Maya, an e-wallet portal quickly gaining traction in the country, has just introduced its latest feature: the Maya usernames function. It allows users to personalize their usernames in order to more safely and accurately complete transactions that involve the sending and receiving of funds. Here’s how it works.

It operates more or less like how one would be associated with their username on certain social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Friends and family, or even customers no longer have to remember lengthy mobile numbers. It’s much easier to remember a name than an eleven-digit sequence of numbers, is it not? This will likely also minimize mistakes when sending over money which could lead to a lot of saved time, effort, and safety from scammers. You won’t ever have to beg for your money back from a wrong recipient unless you still get the username mixed up.

“We’re excited to be the country’s first digital bank to launch this feature as we continue to help Filipinos master their money and enable meaningful personalization. It’s a game-changer for safety and making our experience with sending money more fun – especially when you attach a GIF to it!” said Pepe Torres, Chief Marketing Officer for Maya Philippines.  

Maya has also partnered with GIPHY to add some GIFs to your Send Money transactions. After all, an image is a thousand words, and a moving image exponentially moreso! It’s the best way to let your loved ones know you care about them from thousands of miles away – or for any other purposes you may have.

This is how you set up this latest Maya username feature:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon on the upper-left corner and tap “Get Started.”
  2. Key in your preferred @username and hit “Confirm.”
  3. Finish off by keying in the One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

Once you’ve registered your preferred @username, your friends can now use this to send money to your account with these easy steps:  

  1. Tap “Send Money” on the Maya app
  2. Key in the recipient’s @username, input the amount to send, and tap “Continue.”
  3. Review the “Send Money” transaction details and tap “Send.”
  4. Wait for Maya’s confirmation via SMS.

As with any site, registering Maya app usernames is on a first-come, first-serve basis. These are permanent and cannot be changed once set. Further guidelines for safe username selection can be seen here.

“Sending money via @username is just one of the innovative features which make money management with Maya more fun and rewarding. With up to 6% savings interest rate and free bitcoin or cashback offers, Maya is easily the most engaging and rewarding payments and banking platform for your money,” Torres added.   

Register to Maya now and get a joining bonus of PHP 20 plus an additional PHP 40 when you upgrade and do your first transaction until November 30, 2022.  






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