Volvo and Ericsson Team Up for Autonomous Self-Driving Cars and It’s Epic

Volvo and Ericsson Team Up for Autonomous Self-Driving Cars and It’s Epic

What the cockpit looks like
What the cockpit looks like

The Future of Cars?

Barcelona, Spain — We dropped by the Ericsson exhibition hall to take a look at what the “future” looks like with 5G. They did not disappoint. Ericsson and Volvo had a demo of their Concept 26 project cockpit, an autonomous self-driving car, on display.

This one literally took a page out of sci-fi movies with you have the option of it going auto-pilot while you watch a movie or two because of the traffic. Powered by 5G, the car is supposed to be able to use various sensors so that it can self-pilot the best route possible while you lay back and watch movies and TV series. The car can even recommend to you what movie you should watch based on the projected time of your commute.


For better appreciation, check out this video that Volvo made to explain Concept 26.

Not bad eh?

Now when will this hit the market? Sean Gowran, Head of Ericsson Philippines and Pacific Islands, explained that the rollout of the technology is due sometime in 2020. Other countries, like Korea, Japan, and China though have put self-declared and self-imposed deadlines on themselves. They’re hosting various olympic events (winter, summer) and they’ve already announced that they will launch 5G in those cities come the event.

As for the Philippines? We really don’t know yet. The decision is ultimately up to the telcos — Smart/PLDT and Globe. They have a lot to consider because investing in this technology might be too costly and they might not be able to keep prices down enough for mass adoption. For now let’s just keep our fingers crossed. 😀

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