Honor 9 Lite Review: A Much-Awaited Comeback?

Honor 9 Lite Review: A Much-Awaited Comeback?

Verdict: It lives up to Honor’s reputation

With a price of Php 7990, the Honor 9 Lite is a definite steal, both with its looks and its set of features. Having features such as a glass back, quad camera system and a Full HD+ display, The Honor 9 lite is a bang-for-the-buck device. Regardless of its quirks, it is really hard to ask for more, but Honor made a great effort in packing mid-range internals and features for a budget-level price.

For those looking for a phone that they can use for casual photography and gaming but are on a tight budget, the Honor 9 Lite is a great choice.

Should you plan to get one, Shopee will be selling the Honor 9 Lite at Honor’s Official Store once again on May 15, from 12AM to 12PM.


Honor 9 Lite Unboxing, Quick Review: Gorgeous Bang-For-The-Buck Phone

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