Huawei Holds Pura 70 Gala Night, XMAGE Awards Ceremony

Huawei Holds Pura 70 Gala Night, XMAGE Awards Ceremony

To go along with the official arrival of the Pura 70 series in the Philippines, Huawei hosted an exclusive gala at Shangri-La Fort last May 23. The even was made possible with Vogue Philippines as its official media partner, and served as a celebration of Huawei’s commitment to innovation and Vogue’s renowned expertise in style and photography.


From left to right: Jericho Rosales, Peter Peng, Kublai Millan, Danyl Generican


Designed to push the boundaries of smartphone photography and style, the event has reaffirmed the Pura 70 Series as the new standard for excellence in the mobile industry. “Let’s not forget about the forward symbol design of Pura 70 Ultra – a symbol of progress, of moving forward fearlessly. It’s a reminder that in fashion, as in life, we must always embrace change and keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible,” actor Jericho Rosales said. 

“The HUAWEI Pura 70 Series’ blend of technology and ease of use provided me with the confidence and tools I needed to produce professional-quality photos right from the start,” Vogue Man Editor Danyl Generican said

The gala night was also the announcement for the XMAGE Awards, where it celebrates photographs spanning different themes and categories like Faces, Moments, So Far So Close, Hello Life, Art & Fashion, Style, Focus x Time, Action. This year’s event highlights collaborations with esteemed partners like Fotomoto and Vogue, but the spotlight is on the HUAWEI community, whose members play a significant role as photo contributors and former XMAGE winners.

Photo taken by Jamir Lyndon Lumbao, Huawei Community


Photo taken by Artu Nepomuceno, FotoMoto


HUAWEI’s “moments” theme is a key player throughout the gala, as it symbolizes different aspects of the Pura 70 Series’ unparalleled photographic capabilities. Currently, four “moments” themes are highlighted through the Series, and each focuses on a different side of photography when taking shots on the Pura 70 Series.

The first theme, “moments of time,” talks about the unique and heartwarming stories found everywhere in everyday life. It catches fleeting moments which often go unnoticed by most people. With the Pura 70 Series, as well as through XMAGE technology, these serendipitous moments are well-preserved and kept alive for years to come. 

Photo taken by Domcar Calinawan Lagto, HUAWEI Community


“Moments of discovery” stresses going beyond exploring the world around us and, instead, looking for stories, connections, and discoveries through them. HUAWEI’s XMAGE technology seamlessly documents one’s journey through life with ease, and also records their discoveries and knowledge of the world around them. These pieces of discovery not only highlight the profound beauty surrounding us but also celebrate the transformative power these moments have in our everyday lives.


Photo taken by Jamir Lyndon Lumbao, HUAWEI Community


“Moments of smiles” brings out the joy and positivity typically associated with Filipinos, who, despite facing challenges every day, always have a smile on their faces. XMAGE reliably captures these moments, and preserves them as close to real life as possible. By snapping these moments, HUAWEI honors the Filipino’s spirit, smile, and resilience amidst hardships.

Photo taken by Kim Angela Santos, Vogue


Lastly, “moments of beauty” celebrates the Pura 70 Series’ ability to capture the world in its most stunning form. These are particularly evident when an athlete’s body is used as an example. Here, XMAGE effortlessly shows their beauty and symmetry, all while shedding light to the perseverance and hardships before inevitable successes. The Pura 70 Series not only acknowledges the aesthetic beauty of these moments but also the dedication, hard work, and achievement behind them. 


The Pura 70 Series will be available starting May 31, but preorders are already available through Huawei’s physical and online stores like the Huawei Store, Lazada, and Shopee. You can also get the Watch Fit 3 for Php 6,499 for the fluoroelastomer strap version, or Php 6,999 for the one with a nylon strap.


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