Numbahwan: Philippines is Top Country in Phone Screen Time

Numbahwan: Philippines is Top Country in Phone Screen Time

Back in the 00s, the Philippines is known as the texting capital of the world, with our obsession with phones and text messaging. Fast forward to the smartphone age, the Philippines does love its mobile devices as a study by Electronics Hub reveals that Filipinos consume around 1/3 of their day on their smartphones at 32.5%, beating Brazil and South Africa for the top spot for mobile screen time.

Just how smartphone-obsessed are Filipinos? For comparison, the USA only spends 21.14% of their day on their smartphones–and that’s despite being a first-world country. Taiwan–which has significantly better and faster internet speeds than the Philippines–only spends 23.87% of its time on its smartphones. This shows that Filipinos are among the most enthusiastic mobile users in Asia–and further cement other findings that the Philippines is the most mobile-dependent country in Asia at 29%. And that’s on top of the Philippines having around 69.7 million smartphone users according to a study by Newzoo.

In case you’re wondering what Filipinos would usually do on their smartphones, the Philippines do spend a lot of time on social media with an average daily screen time of 3 hours 43 minutes–making the country rank third behind Brazil and South Africa. Gaming is also a favorite pastime of Filipinos, as they spend 1.5 hours on average daily gaming–placing 5th behind Mexico, India, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

With the Philippines having a total daily average screen time of 9 hours and 14 minutes, the country easily ranks among the top 3 who spend a lot of time on either their computers or mobile devices.

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